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Mesquite Historical Preservation Society is pleased to invite you to be one of the sponsors for our upcoming 5th annual charity event Pachanga. This year’s event will be held at Klein Park off Mesquite Street on October 16th from 11:00 am till 6:00 pm. Our event serves to showcase, promote and build long lasting relationships within the community and businesses. This event is our largest fundraising event of the year.

We plan to raise enough funds to continue to help in the revival of this historic neighborhood and next year’s event. The community and surrounding businesses look forward to our annual event since it creates new memories for the next generation, business opportunities and revenue. Your sponsorship comes with advertisement space on the event banners, poster, flyer and announcements during the event.

We look forward to an affirmative response of sponsorship from you to make this event a big success. Please contact us for further sponsor & vendor information.

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Main Sponsor


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$5,000 Main Sponsor

This is your Pachanga! The event will be advertised with your Logo Front & Center and you will be recognized as the primary sponsor on all advertisements leading up to the event, at the event and on stage. Radio, Print, Social Media, Stage Mentions & Event Banner! Your logo will also be on all of the car show and contest awards!

$2,500 Stage Sponsor

The Stage is Yours! Your logo will be front & center on all the print ads, social media, you will get on-stage mentions and on the event banner!

$1,000 Car Show Sponsor

Your logo will be on the car show banners, car show social media ads, and on stage during the car show awards!

$500 Your Choice:

  • Band Sponsor
  • Pinup Contest
  • Pachuco & Pachuca Contest
  • Carriage Rides

Your name will be mentioned by the bands and your logo will be on all the print ads and social media! You are helping so that we can pay our local talent!

$250 Banner Sponsor

Your business name will be listed on the event banner and you will have a yard sign at the event by the stage!

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We thank you all for making this event possible! We will schedule an in person or phone meeting with you to go over all the details!